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Ultime notizie e rapporti economici sull'Italia.

Un nuovo libro, “The Dealer”, esplora come una concessionaria californiana abbia alimentato l’ascesa delle Ferrari in America

Good morning, Larry,

Please accept this feature pitch regarding our forthcoming title, The Dealer: How One California Dealership Fueled the Rise of Ferrari Cars in America by Jim Ciardella.  Please let me know if you'd like a review copy, or any further information. We are also happy to offer book giveaways on your social channels if interested. Thanks in advance for considering!

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[A picture containing calendar  Description automatically generated][The Dealer  How One California Dealership Fueled the Rise of Ferrari Cars in America      By Jim Ciardella]

"As a former long-time resident of the Los Gatos area I spent a lot of time hanging out at Ferrari of Los Gatos and I even bought and sold a few cars there. This terrific book provides the fascinating history that I did not know behind the legendary dealership in a very entertaining way." - Mike Gulett, founder of My Car Quest

Prometheus Books is proud to announce the July 2022 release of The Dealer (978-1-6338-8755-8 * Hardback * $24.95 * 184 pages) by Jim Ciardella. When Ferrari of Los Gatos opened, few people could afford an expensive sports car. In 1976, the average annual income was $12,686, and a new home cost about $48,000. Motorists in California could only buy gas on odd or even-numbered days based on the last digit of their license plate, due to the global oil crisis. Times were tough, and people were hesitant to take chances, especially with a car that cost more than a house.
At the same time, Brian Burnett and his friend Richard Rivoir had the idea of starting a Ferrari dealership. The Dealer is the story of how one dealership, Ferrari of Los Gatos, fueled the rise of the iconic Italian sports car in the U.S. market on its way to becoming the number one Ferrari dealer in North America. Even Enzo Ferrari himself took notice, flying Brian and the other dealers to Italy to show his appreciation for their success. Customers included movie stars, sports celebrities, entertainers, and some with unusual sources of income and a strong desire for a low profile. Along the way, the two men made friends, enemies, and millions of dollars, only to lose everything in the blink of an eye.
Author Jim Ciardella shows readers a part of Ferrari that no one has even seen, with behind-the-scenes stories as told to him by Richard Rivoir and Brian Burnett, their customers and employees, and other North American dealers who all rode high and eventually burned out on selling fast cars.

Jim Ciardella is a storyteller, Ferrari enthusiast, and native Californian. At one point, Ciardella met Brian Burnett, owner of Ferrari of Los Gatos, who over the years told him numerous stories about Ferrari of Los Gatos and finished each tale with: "And someone ought to write a book about it." One night, after many stories and Brian's predictable conclusion, Ciardella told him, "I'll do it. I'll write the book." Ciardella still lives in Northern California near his two daughters and four grandchildren.

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This is Ferrari of Los Gatos

[This is] the story of how a couple of 30-year-olds, on a tiny corner lot of a small town, built the largest Ferrari dealership in America. They succeeded by doing things differently than the other dealerships, and people liked it.
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Over the years, the lore and legend of Ferrari of Los Gatos has been told and retold by car enthusiasts around the world. I'm pleased to share these stories and other great memories from the days of Ferrari of Los Gatos along with Brian's personal life and his behind-the-scenes experiences with Ferrari. What happened on the corner of Pageant Way and East Main Street may never happen again, but the memory of what took place there will be remembered forever by the people who lived the story. I hope you enjoy the ride. -Jim Ciardella

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